Monday, 27 May 2019




President: Prof. Dr. H. Ejtehadi

A message from president

It’s a good opportunity to express many congratulations to new students entering Asrar Institute of Higher Education, setting off their promising future. I hope that you will find it to be an informative and useful communication forum.

Many thanks go to every faculty member and the university staffs who sincerely strive to make Asrar Institute of Higher Education a nurturing, challenging and creative environment for all students. I am fortunate to have a very active and supportive council. Their financial and moral supports have had a huge impact on students learning and university spirit. This is to reassure our students that each member of Asrar family has responsibility to meet the critical challenges of our time and to pave the way for our students to better educational and academic achievements through multidisciplinary and experiential learning.

I am proud of the growth of our students in the areas of excellent academic and ethical education along with their achievements in athletics and the arts. I wish our hard working students a bright prosperous carrier in the future.

H. Ejtehadi